5 Businesses You Can Start With N100,000 In Nigeria In 2024

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As the economic landscape shifts and the quest for financial stability intensifies, many Nigerians seek viable business ideas. If you find yourself holding N100,000 and dreaming of entrepreneurship, you’re in for a promising journey. However, navigating this path demands strategic choices. Here, we unveil five dynamic ventures to consider, providing a launching pad for your entrepreneurial aspirations.

1. Mobile Food Vending

With just N100,000, step into the world of mobile food vending. Secure a cart and supplies to serve delightful bites. You can target bustling spots like offices and schools for hungry customers. Keep things exciting with unique street food offerings. Common foods include shawarma, chips, grilled fish/chicken, boli and fish (roasted plantain), noodles, fresh fruit juice and smoothies. Do well to maintain cleanliness, and consider adding a delivery twist for that extra flair.

2. Social Media Management

Many individuals are embracing digital transformation, making its mark in this world. With businesses and organisations going online, you can delve into the digital realm by starting a social media management business. Allocate N100,000 for learning resources, marketing, and data. Your audience? Small businesses and influencers seeking online prominence. Develop your social media prowess, specialise in a niche, and offer scalable packages and consultations.

3. Event Planning and Coordination

Transform your planning skills into a profitable venture with event coordination. With your starting capital, invest in marketing, equipment, and networking. Target individuals and companies in need of stellar events. Cultivate a strong network, specialise in a particular event type, and deliver exceptional customer service for a thriving business.

4. Content Creation and Blogging

Set your creativity free by becoming a content creator or blogger. Allocate N100,000 or even less for domain hosting, equipment, and promotions. Your audience? Online readers and businesses craving sponsored content. Choose a passion-driven niche, create top-notch content, and maintain consistent engagement for a potential income boost.

5. Upcycling and Crafts

Craft a business from transforming the old into gold with upcycling and crafts. With this business, you will not just be making money, you’ll also be saving the ecosystem by reducing the waste that could harm the environment.
All you need to succeed are materials, tools, and marketing. Appeal to eco-conscious consumers and handmade treasures enthusiasts. Express your creativity, keep costs low, and explore online platforms to showcase and sell your unique creations.

Remember to research your chosen market, assess risks, and study the competition. Craft a solid business plan before launching. Now, with technology easily accessible, leverage technology and social media to reach your target audience and promote your business. Finally, be patient and persistent. Building a successful business takes time, dedication, and continuous learning.


With passion, creativity, and smart planning, your N100,000 can transform into a thriving venture. Seize the opportunity and conquer the Nigerian marketplace!

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